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BFI Week 2 + Stand By Me Screening

…I say week two, but for me, it was my first week at the BFI Film Acadmey being run in conjunction with Cinemagic.  I was lost (physically, for the first bit of the morning), nervous, excited but most of all looking forward to today.

After running into some other members we made our way to BBC Blackstaff Studios.  After being caught up on last week (which I missed out on last week due to my mum’s traumatizing appendicitis) we got started.

My group (a bunch of really cool guys and girls and one weirdo… me…) sat around and discussed two story ideas we had and we pitched them to one another regarding what idea we wanted to go with.  After a lot of really good ideas from everyone we settled (firstly… long story) on Natasha’s humanised comedy idea retelling the story of the Chineese New Year and how the calender came to be about.  Don’t know the story of Chinese New Year?  Well… that’s what Google is for.

Later, we took part in a workshop run by writer/director TERRY LOANE.  The workshop was a great experience and Terry was really great and insightful.  We picked and looked at his feature film “MICKYBO & ME” a young buddy movie set during the Troubles in Belfast.

The day also consisted of learning about the form of screenwriting.  We took example from the popular film “MISS CONGENIALITY” – the talk highlighted the structure and “beats” (important narrative events and plot points) of the movie any how it can be applied to writing and other moves already in exsistence.  For more on this check out “SAVE THE CAT” by Blake Snyder.  A book about screenwriting.  A book I have read.  A book that I helpful!

After discussing our pitch with other groups we decided that though we loved our idea – it was too complex for a short – thus our pitch/story/idea/everything else changed and our group now has a dark comedy/horror idea about a clown!  More on our idea and script for WEEK 3.

I thought every group came up with three exciting and interesting ideas.  I am excited to see how they develop.

After, we headed to the Odyssey to watch Rob Reiner’s “STAND BY ME” an 80’s movie about a group of kids in 1950s America who set off on a journey to find a dead body.  And to discover themselves.  My next post (the review!) to follow soon.  Or soon-ish.

Overall, really good day.  Good, funny people.  Exciting day.  Insightful and productive.  Look forward to what else is to come!  Roll on Cinemagic Awards Gala!  Over and out, movie geeks!!!

– CR.


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